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July Newsletter Now Available!

Now available in the Learning zone, download our latest newsletter for educators and learners, including:

  • Top tips

  • Plenty of ideas for the end of term

  • Getting yourself set for September

Educators: A FREE set of high quality teaching resources are available for Rowan, Leader of the Deer Kin, The Peaceweaver and Princess Victoria's War, aimed as KS3 students (11-14 years of age). You'll find a Teachers' Guide, PowerPoint presentations and printable resources on the Learning page.

A woman wearing a Saxon helmet

About Thumbnail Books

Thumbnail Books is a small book publisher based in the UK. We publish a range of books for young children, older children, teens, and adults, including picture books, novels, and illustrated mysteries. Our unique selling point is that everything we do is the work of two people, with a strong focus on narratives, interesting characters, and clear emotional through lines. We have received positive customer reviews and testimonials, with readers praising the storytelling and captivating nature of our books. We believe that reading is a journey and our books are here to take you to places you have never been before.

Plus we are A.I. free! No A.I. is used in the production of our books.

Customer Reviews

“I was gripped with the story from page one, excellent storytelling, with a puzzle element to this and the story is written well."



 "Interesting, great fun and beautifully presented and illustrated throughout. Difficult to stop reading.
Highly recommended."


"The story was full of adventure and it was very creative. It has a lot of great adjectives . I liked how there was a translation for dragons."


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